Our Story

Majestic Family Farms was born out of the simple idea of taking wholesome, farm grown ingredients and making them convenient and delicious. Building strong relationships with the actual farmers that grow these quality ingredients, combined with over 25 years of experience in formulating, manufacturing, distributing, and customer service makes for a dynamic, reliable, passionate functional food brand.

Majestic Family Farms is proud to offer its premier product, Simply Plant Protein — a high-quality Fermented Pea Protein with a good, wholesome neutral taste.

Simply Plant Protein offers a clean, fresh flavor profile that’s extremely flexible and allows for easy blending with mylk, juice, smoothies, or water. Simply Plant Protein is also a healthy, allergen free, high protein/low carb alternative for the kitchen, replacing flour in baked goods or as a simple addition to cereals, sauces, and other traditional recipes.

Our future built on experience